Key operating points of the irrigation machine:


(1) After the engine of the side mounted irrigation machine is started, the side mounted belt is placed on the operator's shoulder. When the engine speed reaches a certain speed, the centrifugal clutch is engaged, and the transmission shaft inside the hard sleeve rotates. The power of the engine is transmitted to the working parts of the irrigation machine, such as the saw blade or blade, through a pair of conical gears in the gearbox to reduce speed and change the transmission direction. The working parts rotate at high speed, and the operator holds the control handle while walking and cutting, cutting and removing small shrubs and weeds from the work site. The work width is about 1m.

(2) After starting the engine of the backpack mounted irrigation machine, place the backpack behind the operator, and the engine power is transmitted to the working parts of the irrigation machine through a flexible shaft. The operator can hold the control lever to cut while walking. Due to the engine being carried behind the back, it has great operational flexibility and is not affected by terrain and slopes. It can be operated freely up, down, left and right, especially suitable for complex terrain in mountainous areas for irrigation and cutting operations.

(3) When cutting shrubs below 8cm, a one-way saw can be used to directly cut them down; When cutting shrubs and trees with a diameter of more than 8cm, a two-way saw can be used, that is, first sawing the lower mouth and then sawing the upper mouth. When using the saw, it is strictly prohibited to impact and cut, otherwise it may cause injury or damage to the machine parts due to inertia.

(4) When stopping the machine, first turn down the throttle and idle for 3 to 5 minutes before stopping. It is strictly prohibited to suddenly stop the machine during high-speed operation.

At the same time, the precautions for using the engine are as follows: add qualified gasoline and gasoline engine oil, and ensure that the gasoline to oil ratio is 25:1; After 25 hours of homework, the air filter and spark plug must be checked; Rest for 10 minutes after working on each fuel tank; After each homework shift, the dirt on the heat sink should be cleaned to ensure its heat dissipation effect. When using transmission components, add lubricating grease to the deceleration after 25 hours of operation, and at the same time, add lubricating grease to the joint between the upper part of the transmission shaft and the clutch. During the use of cutting tools, the saw blades and blades used should be balanced and sharp, and vibrating saw blades or blades should not be used. The length of the nylon rope head used for weeding should be controlled to be less than or equal to 15 centimeters.

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